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Reviva Coffee Crafters

About Reviva Coffee Crafters

Reviva's History

The dream of journeying, discovering, striving, searching, studying, hunting, crafting, roasting, and pouring a delicious cup of coffee started in 2012. At first it was simply a hobby, celebrating with friends, offering some brew to neighbors, even serving at a local church on Sundays. But as time went on and the art of studying coffee continued, there was a noticeable shift in the responses regarding the quality of coffee that was served. What used to be a polite “thank you” after offering a cup, subtly moved to “wow, that’s really good,” and eventually grew to, “you should be selling this, it’s delicious.” Comments like this and similar feedback are what motivated the opening of Reviva Coffee Crafters.

The Reviva Name

The name “Reviva” is unique and was chosen because of its significance. Before expanding to multiple states, our company was solely in Las Vegas, NV. The summers in Las Vegas Valley get dry, dusty, hot, and really hot! The word Reviva, in Hebrew, means “Rain in the Desert” which paints a mental image of being refreshed and nourished.

Flip Flippin, Owner

I am humbled when I stop to think of the vision God has for Reviva. Proverbs 16:9 says, “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps,” and this is the primary reason behind Reviva success. Reviva started with a dream, not a figurative daydream, but a literal eye closed, snoring, midnight sleeping kind of dream. It was in that dream that I first saw the name Reviva. It was as though the name was lighting up an entire block on a pitch black and dark night. I was hesitant at first, brushing the name off as simply a dream. But after researching and discovering the Hebrew significance, there was no question the Lord was directing steps.

Reviva Coffee Crafters - Flip Flippin, Owner
Reviva Coffee Crafters - Ethically-Sourced Craft Beans from 8 Regions - Dallas, TX

Coffee Roasting

Reviva Coffee Crafters business model has found its niche in delivering and shipping nationwide their specialty craft coffee that is custom roasted and profiled to each individual. The flavors of a coffee bean grown in a specific region is a big contributor to the unique and specific flavors it has after the brewing process is complete. Sharing in the delight of exquisite coffee is their specialty. Most coffee drinkers have their own perspective of what coffee should taste like. However, Reviva Coffee Crafters has found that many coffee drinkers do not know why their coffee tastes the way that it does. This is what makes Reviva Coffee Crafters stand out from other coffee companies. Their coffee beans come from 8 specific regions, each of which brings a different taste, and is how they ‘dial-in’ that taste for every individual.

Event Trikes

Espresso drinks and Nitro Cold Brew are delicious but require heavy machinery. We took a cargo bike to the local bike shop and challenged them to customize it in such a way that would allow transporting and dispensing our craft coffee drinks in a mobile fashion possible. Our espresso machine is powered by solar energy, adding the ability to cater coffee virtually anywhere. The Nitro trike load capacity with 20 gallons of nitrogenated cold brew is small enough to fit inside an elevator. This allows a seamless way to transport and deliver to businesses, universities, farmers markets, events, and professional offices.

Reviva Coffee Crafters - Est. 2020